If a picture’s worth a thousand words then we don’t need to say much to introduce these videos. Take a look at these masters in action and prepare to be inspired to move, breathe and explore.

Sri Dharma Mittra


The Grand Yoga Master from Brazil shares a secret to life and happiness. "Be like a child". The simplicity of keeping one's curiosity alive, wonderment about the World, and joy for small things, give life a new lightness. Thank you Sri Dharma for sharing your practice with us. We think he looks very relaxed in our Dharma Graphite Pants and Cobra Yoga Shirt.

The Seventh Series


'Family life can be more demanding, more exacting than anything in the practice itself, and as with each of the other series you can come to India to rediscover just how unforgiving the seventh can be'. Ashtanga teacher, Ty Landrum, talks about the seventh series of Yoga: Family! He looks at completely at home in the Vajra Vest, Namoustache ¾ length Pants, Dharma Pants and 8-Limb Hoodie.

A Warrior


Having been an athlete most of his life, Daniel Rama was drawn to Yoga as a means of injury rehabilitation. He suffered an injury which meant he could hardly walk, let alone do any physical exercise. Yoga helped him through this dark period in his life; he’s gone from crutches to handstands. Shot in Mysore, India by Alessandro Sigismondi and wearing our Warrior Yoga Shorts, the true warrior that he is.

Finding Your Dharma


A truly inspiring teacher and a great man, Mark has dedicated a greater portion of his life to the practice of Yoga. His words in this video will inspire you to follow your calling in life no matter where you are and what any one thinks. Shot in Mysore, India by Alessandro Sigismondi, where Mark goes to practice with his teacher every year. He is rocking his practice in Mayura Shorts and a 22-Karat Gold Pendant.

Yoga Teacher: Behind the Scenes


Becoming a yoga teacher can be a rewarding career, however little people know the amount of work that it involves. Vinyasa teacher, Jason Crandell, opens up about his experience as a yoga teacher. A film by Phil Suddick. Jason wears our popular Dharma Yoga Pants.

Towards the Light


Taylor Hunt takes us on his journey towards the light. Taylor managed to recover from his drug addiction with his yoga practice. Currently, Taylor is a devoted practitioner, teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and one of our beloved friends at OHMME. He wears our Warrior II Double Lined Yoga Shorts A film by: Alessandro Sigismondi

What Is


Created by Philip Suddick, Jake White shares his movement practice on London’s own Hampstead Heath in reflection of the wise words of Alan Watts. Narration: Alan Watts - Awakening The Mind - A Meditation. Jake wears our Scorpion Leggings, the 8-Limb Yoga Hoodie, and carries the Itvara Travel Yoga Bag .
A film by Phillip Suddick
Sound Design: Joseph Suddick

A Day in the Life of a Yoga Teacher


A fun video shot by Alessandro Sigismondi featuring Adam Husler. Adam, one of London's busiest teachers, puts a lighter touch on the London Yoga scene. Even though he likes to crack a joke, Adam is one of the most anatomically knowledgeable teachers around, and has a lot to teach even the most experienced practitioners. You can have a peak at Adam’s very photogenic website here if you are interested. Adam prefers the 2-Dogs for his home practice, and uses the Dharma Pants to cycle around town.



Daniel Scott tells us not to show off but to show up. He shows up and off in a major way in the rain in Piccadilly Circus. Searching for depth in humour, Daniel can bring out important parts of the practice in unusual ways. Check him out in a 3-piece custom-made suit made exclusively for him by OHMME!



It may not appear so at first, but you are in the presence of greatness. Jani Jaatinen is a minimalist, yogi, and author of over 10 books on Yogic Philosophy, Asanas and the Sutras. Over years of practice, he has developed near unprecedented control of his body and mind. You can find Gokulacandra in Malaysia where you can hear him chant, and join him for a mind-altering morning practice. Here, he is invincible in Scorpion Yoga Leggings.

The Witness


Film maker Alessandro Sigismondi demonstrates his art in the beautiful video The Witness, in which Mark Robberds and Deepika Mehta enter a spiritual dance-off. The witness is here to represent the Eastern concept of observing the observer, the mind. The owl in the video is here to represent the idea of the dissociation between the body and the self. We assist Mark in attaining this blissful state, filmed here in Matsyendra Yoga Pants.

The Triad of Yoga


Film maker Alessandro Sigismondi has created another beautiful video with this mindful warrior, a follower of Ganes. Samuel, a student of Ayurveda, demonstrates his skill and shares timeless wisdom on the triad of Pranayama, Meditation, and Asana. He finds flow in Dharma Graphite Pants.

The Most Important Yoga


A lifelong practice of Yoga and almost three decades of teaching, Simon Borg-Oliver has studied with some of the most notable Yoga teachers as well as furthered his study of the human body with a Bachelors in Human Biology. In his video, he summarises why the ‘Yamas and Niyamas’ of Yoga can help guide us in our every day lives. Shot in Goa, India, by Alessandro Sigismondi. Simon is wearing our Dharma Pants.

YouTube Saved my Life


Yanni De Melo was drawn to yoga after seeing a video on YouTube. He started to practice as a way to escape the ‘dark road’ he was on. He practiced at the Miami Life Centre for 2 years before travelling to India to take his Ashtanga further. Shot in Mysore, India, by Alessandro Sigismondi. Yanni is wearing the 2-Dogs Lined Yoga Shorts.

Yoga on the Edge


Working as an electrician on building sites, Davin was living an unhealthy lifestyle before finding Yoga in 2013. His practice was done on the edge of the beautiful white cliffs of Dover, proving that when you live on the edge, you can taste and achieve anything you desire. Shot in Dover, England by Alessandro Sigismondi, wearing Scorpion Yoga Leggings.

Out of the Mind


Growing up in a Indian family, Bob didn’t appreciate the devotional aspect to his ancestral culture. He actually found Yoga as way to get into his body and be active simultaneously. The video guides you through why he loves Ashtanga Yoga and the work he’s doing for his charity, Foundation for Change. Shot in London, England by Alessandro Sigismondi. Here, he wears the Vajra II Yoga Vest and Warrior Yoga Shorts.



Expression through movement comes in many different forms, Baris Yazar expresses himself through his practice of Capoeira. In this artful discipline, the combination of music, movement and skilful dance with one's opponent, makes it a form of Yoga for its practitioners. In this video, Baris exemplifies what a dedication to the practice has done for him, with joy and gratitude, his movement is inspirational. Shot in London, England by Alessandro Sigismondi. Baris is wearing our Scorpion Yoga Leggings and O-Pendant.