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Why Yoga?

Beginners guide to Men's Yoga

Gain strength in your body and mind, create flexibility in your muscles and soul. Yoga is an efficient way to create a flexible and strong body, whether you are an athlete coming to recover or a workingman looking for a workout, there is a style of yoga for you.
Below you will find a guide of yoga styles to help you find what is right for you.
Here at OHMME we find it just as important to strengthen the mind as well as the body. The brain can act like a muscle, try flexing it.

Very Dynamic and traditional style of yoga. Broken down in fixed series, this is a great way to begin yoga if you are looking for a workout. Will cause a lot of sweat. Good for learning the basics of moving meditation. We recommend our 2 Dogs Shorts.
Acro Yoga
For partners. You will learn to fly with a partner, is a great way to bond, and learn fun moves. Try our 2 Dogs Shorts  with an indispensable double lining!
A system developed to move your body gently. Great for older gentlemen and beginners to yoga. Recommended for people interested in yoga philosophy. Our Dharma Pants  are perfect for comfortable Anusara practice.
Very Dynamic, this style was developed to heat purify the body and increase performance through the use of heated rooms. This very specific sequence is practiced in front of a mirror in a particular order. Our 2 Dogs Shorts  were specifically designed to handle the sweat!
Very Dynamic, this style of yoga will teach you all about arm balances and back bending. Based on the teaching that the physical practice of yoga should be fun, you will learn a lot of tricks! We designed the Dharma Pants  with this in mind!
Dynamic, this style will have a focus on holding postures for longer, as opposed to a flow present in most other styles. These classes are reputed to be quite intense, so beginners beware! Light and simple, our Warrior I Shorts are perfect for this.
Relaxed or Dynamic, have it how you want it. This style with Ashtanga is said to be the “original” form of yoga. Here there is no linking of postures, you will learn how to safely enter and exit postures. These classes are great for beginners or people recovering from injuries. The dropped crotch design on our Matsyendra Pants gives great comfort and ease of movement for this style of yoga.
Dynamic. Usually a form of Vinyasa, postures flow fast from one to the next in a hot room. This is good for athletic beginners as the heat will compensate for any stiffness, and the level will be high enough so that no one is bored. Double lined and sweat wicking, the 2 Dogs Shorts  were made for this!
Relaxed. A focus on alignment this style is perfect for beginners (great for advanced practitioners too). You will learn to heal injuries, as well as preventing new ones! Try the Scorpion Leggings for comfort and mobility.
Dynamic and Relaxed. This style is only for people very interested in more spiritual sides of the practice. Crow Halfies  or Namoustache  are ideal.
Relaxed. This style involves chanting and other spiritual activities. Very much community based, this style of yoga is a good way to make new friends! Generally practised in all white, but you could always sneak a pair of Zhu Boxers underneath
A dynamic self practice, you will be taught the sequences of Ashtanga Yoga. Practiced in the morning you can come at your ease and take as long as you need to finish your sequence. Recommended for anyone interested in moving meditation and learning advanced postures. Good for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Wear the clothes that best suit your own practice. And if you're taking your own mat, try our Itvara Yoga Bag.
Power Yoga
A dynamic style designed to get you fit and flexible. Try our light Warrior II Shorts with double lining.
Relaxed as its name implies, you will learn the basics of how to recover from stress or injuries. Classic Dharma Pants  are perfect.
Rocket gets you there faster! Based on Ashtanga Yoga, rocket is a dynamic practice designed to efficiently improve your fitness and breathing technique. We recommend something light like our Warrior I, or Mayura shorts, or even double lined Warrior II shorts if you tend to sweat!
A Relaxed style based on strengthening the core and increasing mobility in the joints. You will learn how to reduce stress using breathing techniques and gentle flows. We recommend Crows.
Relaxed method of learning advanced breathing and asana techniques. Practicing this style will also encourage the development of a meditation practice. Try our Namoustache 3/4 length pants for this.
A dynamic style of yoga for all levels. A great way to learn the basics of asana and flow. Warrior I, or Mayura shorts will suit you well in this class.
A relaxed method based on learning in depth individual postures. Here you will learn to recover from injuries, and reduce stress. You'll be comfortable in Crow Halfies.