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OHMME Bracelet

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OHMME Bracelet has two branded rings of gold coloured copper, a strong metal with a special history. ‘O’ is also part of our OHMME logo and to us it means: be humble, learn from every experience we encounter, so we can become whole. So as well as it looking awesome, there are so many reasons why OHMME Bracelet should be your favourite accessory.
  • Gold coloured copper rings
  • OHMME engraved logo
  • Strong black cotton string
  • Adjustable strap length for a perfect fit around your wrist
Fabric + Care
  • One size
  • Sliding knot
  • You can shower with it
Shipping + Returns
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OHMME Bracelet Yoga Bracelet Men's Bracelet OHMME Bracelet
OHMME Bracelet
Yoga Clothes for Men


OHMME Bracelet is made of two simple rings of copper, an ancient and humble metal with much tradition and history, and many surprising health benefits. Our body naturally stores copper in our bones and muscles which, amazingly, you can also introduce to your body by wearing copper jewellery. As an antioxidant copper helps to balance the three doshas in your body: kapha, vata and pitta. The OHMME Bracelet is two interlaced “O”, symbolising the yin-yang of the spiritual world, and the way atoms bond together in the physical world. The 'O' is also a part of our OHMME logo and to us it means: be humble, learn from every experience and encounter, so we can become whole.