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Zhu bamboo Boxers 5 Pack

Zhu Boxer 5 Pack



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A five pack of the Zhú boxers! The Zhú shorts are made from bamboo jersey. They have an incredible touch and a better moisture-wicking and moisture absorption quality than regular underwear made of cotton or microfibre. Bamboo fibre is also naturally antimicrobial and will stop the growth of bacteria and odour. It is extremely soft and will keep you cool and snug as you go through your day!

More sustainable to produce than conventionally grown cotton, Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases during its life cycle and grows quickly and plentifully without pesticides.

This Boxer is designed with a Front Fly, which allows for much easier access, and is more hygienic. To add to this, the front fly promises to give a little more privacy when changing in a more public setting. The front fly will change your vision of Boxer Briefs, we guarantee it.

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95% Bamboo 5% Spandex

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