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Dharma Pants

DHBLS £55.00

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Our hero yoga pants have great grip and perfect fit

Our perfectly fitted Dharma Pants are designed to provide comfort and grip in any yoga or pilates class, with no restrictions and no sweat patches.

These yoga pants for men stay in place and offer great support. You can pull them up for a 3/4 length and a tighter feel, or keep them pulled down to maintain heat during practice and find a grip for balance poses. Either way, you will find great mobility thanks to the excellent stretchy material, strong seams and a reinforced gusset panel at the crotch.

Fast drying and wrinkle resistant, the silk-like polyester jersey is resilient, elastic, and feels soft to the touch, making these Dharma pants the epitome of extra comfort and ease. And thanks to their high elastane content, the pants won’t lose their shape. 

Super soft / Tapered cuff / Durable / Sweat-wicking / Wrinkle resistant/ Quick Dry

95% polyester, 5% elastane
Light and stretchy fabric

Size and Fit
Fits true to size


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