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CyberYoga: How to achieve greatness with vision and self-belief

by OHMME team on

Having grown up amidst the gang culture of downtown LA, Lamonte Goode built CyberYoga to prove that hard work, focus and determination can build great things. 

Manning up: How yoga saved me from drug addiction

by OHMME team on

Jacob Manning needs no introduction. One of the world’s top yogis, Jacob is as well-known for his hugely popular online videos as he is for his unswerving dedication...

The Itvara Backpack: built for the modern traveller

by OHMME team on

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got one bag for the gym, one for yoga, and another for travelling – and maybe another for the daily commute.

Introducing the Voyagers, our most eco-friendly trousers!

by OHMME team on

I started OHMME to get more guys moving and to encourage more eco-conscious attitudes (and actions) across the whole fashion industry. Our beginnings were in yoga, but we...

OHMME’s Guide To Men's Beachwear In 2018

by OHMME team on

Summer is finally here, and at OHMME there’s only one word on our lips: beachwear. Gone are the days of socks and sandals, budgie smugglers and questionable mankinis....

The OHMME collection: the team’s top 5 picks

by OHMME team on

Louis – OHMME Ram Denims Louis, OHMME’s founder, simply LOVES our brand-new Ram Denims. Since they launched a few days ago, we can’t seem to get him to...

New Ram Denims. Your New Favourite Jeans, but Better

by OHMME team on

You were born to move. Movement is a basic need a key to self-expression. We love jeans, but they’re holding us back. They make movement difficult. So it’s...

4 Yin Yoga Poses to Keep You Marathon-Ready

by OHMME team on

Whether you’re signed up for this weekend’s big London Marathon, preparing for next month’s Hackney Half-Marathon, or just getting out for a light jog as the weather gets...

Ethics Manifesto

by Louis d'Origny on

The team and I have been brainstorming about what we care the most about, and how to share it with the OHMME community. 

Get Eco In 2018 with OHMME

by OHMME team on

Evolution is a natural part of life, we all go through change and find ways to improve our lives - so it’s only natural to do the same here...


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