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Father's Day: New Dads & Yoga Pants

Father’s Day: New Dads & Yoga Pants

Fatherhood can hit you harder than you expect. Only last month, once-committed bachelor Prince Harry woke up to the realisation that he has a duchess for a wife and an Archie for a son. The question “how did this happen?!” surely remained stamped on the Duke’s face as the butler dressed his morning cornflakes.  

Joking aside, fatherhood is the single most life-changing event most people will experience.

Ty Landrum, director of Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, says: “When you have children you lose control of your most basic routines. You lose sleep, silence, order and the space to think.”

Blissful as becoming a dad is, there are BIG challenges. To help, OHMME has compiled some tips to help new fathers flow with the chaos and radiate calm…

  1. Be selfless

In the trio of mother, father and new baby, only daddy has not recently endured a physical trauma. Lifting, carrying, shopping, driving and fielding family, friends and well wishers – that’s on you. Pamper mother and baby while they recover and gain strength. Your own needs have low priority in the first few days.

  1. Take it easy

New fathers discover pretty early that they have to stay comfortable. OHMME’s Namoustache yoga pant is a crossover with everyday trousers, so you can be comfortable crawling on the floor with junior but street-ready in a moment. Super versatile, they look like cropped trousers but fit like a second skin.

  1. Nap like a ninja

Johnny Depp said: “When you get to a certain age you talk about sleep with the same enthusiasm you once spoke about partying.” New fatherhood is one big sleep experiment. And the way to win is to grab a nap any time the opportunity appears. Which is a lot easier if you’re wearing super-comfy yoga pants.

  1. Get backup

Babies have mess pouring out of them 24/7, and you need to have that covered – from wet wipes to mop-and-bucket to changing nappies eight times a day. Explore the baby aisle in the supermarket. You will appreciate having a sympathetic mate on speed-dial: talking about the new feelings you’re experiencing will keep you chill. And fill your place with easy food to keep everyone, including you, fuelled.

  1. Love rules

Some new dads get overwhelmed with worrying about doing the “right” thing, in play or care. They defer to the mother (who’s new to this, too). Give yourself permission to be a parent and build a relationship with your child from the ground up. And if in doubt, apply this rule of thumb: if it comes from a place of love, then it’s probably okay.

Get your own pair of Namoustache yoga pants here. Happy Father’s Day!

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