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The Itvara Backpack: built for the modern traveller

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got one bag for the gym, one for yoga, and another for travelling – and maybe another for the daily commute.

Here at OHMME, we feel your pain. We know the struggles of swapping your stuff from one bag to the other. We know what it's like to remember that your wallet is in your gym bag at home but you’re in the queue at the coffee shop.

To cure all our bag-related ills, we’ve come up with a backpack for all the many aspects of your life. From yoga, to the gym, to getting to and from work. Please give a big round of applause for the Itvara Backpack, OHMME’s all-for-one, all-in-one bag (and it’s got a special trick up its sleeve for yogis).

A bag for the commuter, the free-spirited traveller, the businessman, the yogi, the gym-goer, the… you get the idea.

Our new Itvara Backpack is an eco-conscious, sustainably made vegan backpack, designed especially for men who love exploring. From yoga retreats to mountain climbing, going to the office and everything in between… the all-new Itvara backpack is built to carry the life essentials of the modern man.

Sports enthusiasts, gym-goers, travellers and commuters will love its individual compartments for water bottles, passports, laptop, post-workout gym gear and small items such as keys. But the Itvara’s real talent is one yoga enthusiasts will love: the Itvara’s yoga mat compartment lets you store and access your mat quickly and easily. For non-yogis, they can use this extra storage for whatever they want.

This backpack is decked out for the worldly explorer. It’s also equipped with a useful rain cover, which can be easily tucked away when not in use, for those inevitable rainy days. The Itvara Backpack isn’t just made to look good, that’s why it’s straps are well-padded for comfort and adjustable with an cross-chest strap for extra stability and optimum back support.
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