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International Day of Yoga Pants

by OHMME team on - 40 Comments

Yoga benefits from being outdoors. Breathing becomes deeper and more life affirming when you take in fresh air. Stretches reach further when the ceiling is the untouchable sky. ...

Father's Day: New Dads & Yoga Pants

by OHMME team on

Blissful as becoming a dad is, there are BIG challenges. To help, OHMME has compiled some tips to help new fathers flow with the chaos and radiate calm…....

The Dharma Pants are back

by OHMME team on - 1 Comment

They were our best-selling item – in fact we sold so many, so quickly that we couldn’t make them fast enough. But now the Dharma Pants are back,...

Five Of The Best Yoga Retreats For 2019

by OHMME team on - 1 Comment

With the New Year comes the opportunity for new adventures. From yoga retreats in the UK to across the globe, discover our top yoga retreats for 2019 to...

What to eat and drink… and be healthy

by OHMME team on

There’s no hard or fast rule for what a dedicated yogi should eat, but follow these recommendations to feel your best whether you’re twisting, binding or arm-balancing.

Consuming responsibly with OHMME's recycled materials

by OHMME team on

Friday 15th November marks America Recycles Day, designed as a day of education and motivation to encourage every citizen to consume more sustainably.

New Ram Denims. Your New Favourite Jeans, but Better

by OHMME team on

You were born to move. Movement is a basic need a key to self-expression. We love jeans, but they’re holding us back. They make movement difficult. So it’s...

Ethics Manifesto

by Louis d'Origny on

The team and I have been brainstorming about what we care the most about, and how to share it with the OHMME community. 

Get Eco In 2018 with OHMME

by OHMME team on

Evolution is a natural part of life, we all go through change and find ways to improve our lives - so it’s only natural to do the same here...

Destress with yoga...the OHMME way

by OHMME team on

The first Wednesday in November marks Stress Awareness Day, an opportunity for us all to reflect on the pressures of modern life and how to manage them.


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