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OHMME’s Guide To Men's Beachwear In 2018

Summer is finally here, and at OHMME there’s only one word on our lips: beachwear. Gone are the days of socks and sandals, budgie smugglers and questionable mankinis. There’s no reason for seaside faux pas this year as we’ve put together some classic beachwear looks for 2018.

The surfer dude

To really make a ‘splash’ this season, be bold and go for a pattern. If you’re looking for some shorts to match your personality, look no further than our Eco Mayura Black Shorts.

Made with strong seams and versatile materials, these shorts allow for optimal body mobility, so Downward Dog is no feat. In a unique twist, they double up as surf shorts, so you could add a morning dip to your workout routine - if you’ve still got enough energy, of course.

Ensure you have one of our Cobra Yoga T-Shirts on standby as you emerge from the waves. The classic black colour will enhance the vibrant pattern on our surf shorts, and the fast-drying fabric will soak up any sea residue in its stride. The dynamic and intense workout routines this t-shirt has been designed for means you can rely on it to get you back to base wrinkle-free and ready for your next routine.

The discerning yoga practitioner

Practicing yoga al fresco in the summer months has the added benefit of allowing us to soak up some much-needed vitamin D. Try taking your 30-minute yoga routine to the beach, it could be revolutionary.

Carting around bulky bags and considering dubious changing facilities is so 90s. Pick wisely and you can achieve an outfit that will cope with all your physical demands. Sling on our Vajra II Mens Yoga Vest and run down to the beach. It’s low-level absorption levels lets sweat evaporate quickly, meaning you’ll still feel fresh for your morning workout.

Pair it with our Mayura Shorts. Made in Portugal and digitally printed with an original OHMME print, these resilient shorts are a fine tribute to Mayurasana. The 4-way stretch fabric will dry in no time so the transition from sea to studio will be seamless.

The Eco Warrior

In an era where looking after our environment has become more important than ever, there’s no reason why eco-friendly choices shouldn’t extend to our wardrobes.

Our lightweight Eco Warrior Shorts come in a choice of two colours and can combat all types of workouts, from blustery beach stomps to peaceful pilates. The pièce de résistance is the certified bluesign® material they are made with. This environmental certification is attributed only to fabrics that minimise the negative impact, on both our planet and its people, by using an efficient manufacturing process.

Complementing our Eco-Warrior Shorts is the Cobra Bamboo T Shirt, one of our all-time favourites from our yoga shirt collection. Its refined fit and natural anti-microbial quality make it a great contender for beach workouts but it is the ethical environmental credentials that lands it a place here.

The bamboo fibre it’s made with has a much more sustainable growing phase compared to conventionally grown cotton. The latter uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and more than 10% of the planet’s pesticides.

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