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Men’s top 5 yoga pants for 2019

Has the pressure of the new year spurred you to take up yoga? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned yogi looking to get back to your beloved practice after the festive break Whoever you are and whatever your yoga; getting back into the swing of things after the holiday binge can be pretty tough. Now that Blue January is gone, we at OHMME know there's nothing like a sweaty vinyasa class to blast away those winter cobwebs and get you warmed up and ready to take on even the greyest of days.

We’re here for you; be it your new year's fitness resolutions or ongoing practice, and we’re confident we make the best men’s yoga pants to support your winter training. So here’s the top pick of our best and most popular yoga pants, whether you’re a yogi newcomer or a seasoned practitioner.

Dharma yoga pants

One of our best sellers is the super stretchy and easy-going Dharma pants. With an relaxed fit in the thigh and a slimmer cut in the calf and ankle, they’ll move with you through every vinyasa. They’ll also wick away your sweat thanks to their low-level absorption. Yup, moisture will just evaporate away, so wave bye to sweat patches.

Already your favourites and can't get enough? The Dharmas are also available in this low key Graphite shade. And if you want a backup pair while your others are in the wash, have a gander at our 3 pack bundle available, which will save you some serious dosh.

Namoustache 3/4 yoga pants

We joined forces with the Acroyoga legend Daniel Scott to make these slim-fitting yet relaxed pants. Unique in that they’re rocking a 3/4 length cut, the Namoustache don’t just look the part but they’re made especially for supporting a strong grip in arm balances and partner work. They’re also made from an elastic, silk-like polyester jersey, which makes them super comfy while ensuring they’re sweat-wicking - just like the Dharmas. They’ll dry fast, resist wrinkling, and won’t lose their shape. Brilliant for yoga newbies and pro yogis alike. 

Matsyendra Fisherman yoga pants

Looking for something full-length and lightweight but with even more space to move? Our Matsyendra Fisherman pants will prove a good match, we’re sure of it. Made from a strong polyester jersey which is both soft and stretchy, these yoga pants are specially designed for comfort and mobility.

While they’re ideal for advanced practices like Dharma or Vinyasa, there’s nothing stopping you wearing them for pilates, restorative classes, or just plain old hang-outs. Hashtag Netflix-and-chill.

While not exactly something you’ll be slipping on for your next asana, but the following yoga pants are the perfect complement to any yogi’s lifestyle… 

Ram Denims yoga pants 

They might not be made to wear during class, but they’re totally perfect for changing into afterwards - especially if you want to spontaneously show off some of your favourite poses while out and about. The slim-fitting and clean cut Ram Denims have total flexibility for completely unrestricted movement, but still look like regular jeans. And like our practice pants, these bad boys are also wrinkle resistant, so forget about ever needing the iron. Ahh, a perfect pair for on-the-go guys.

Voyager yoga pants

Our Voyager Trousers are a perfect cocktail of comfort, style and sustainability. Their super-stretchy fabric with elastic zones at the waist not only makes them functional, but suitable for just about any occasion; they’re smartly cut and engineered to last. Better yet, the Voyagers are vegan and made of Bluesign-certified fabric, which helps keep the environment cleaner. Oh and not forgetting that all-important dedicated phone zip pocket. Losing your phone is probably inevitable, but at least the Voyagers make it a damn sight harder to!

Check out our full collection of yoga pants here.

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