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Getting marathon ready with OHMME

On Saturday 3rd November 2018, 50,000 runners will complete a 26-mile course that meanders through New York City’s famous five boroughs and finishes in the stunning surroundings of Central Park.

Memorably once labelled ‘the race with 38,000 stories’, the New York City Marathon hosts many thousands of runners from world-class professionals to first-time amateurs. Each has their own tale to tell, but all are united in their passion to go the distance and perform their best.

Tempted to up your running game? We have just the range for you. Performance is at the heart of OHMME gear. Designed with movement and comfort in mind, it works as hard for you on the streets as it does in the gym. Take the Vajra Vest, for example. Tapered at the hem and shaping up at the perfect size, it won’t ride up even when you bring the fiercest kinetic energy to your exercise. Even better, its sweat wicking ensures that you will stay cool during the final lung-bursting miles. More at home with your arms covered? Invest in the Om Tee, which features compression fit to keep your upper body supported as well as COOLMAX® technology to stop you overheating during your run and cooling down too quickly after.

As the temperatures drop this winter, runners will be looking for a fuller top to keep them covered and warm in the cold mornings and nights running. Enter the Orion long sleeve top, with all the performance benefits of the Om Tee extended across the upper-body and available in a cool grey or a striking green. This might just be the perfect marathon staple. Alternatively, if you’re looking for layers then check out our Cobra yoga shirt, which boasts a classic design and strong performance in a versatile black -- ready to be paired with a hooded top or jacket.

And let’s not forget shorts for running. Pounding the pavement or in the yoga class, our Green Defence system offers antibacterial protection that is as eco-friendly as it is effective. The Eco Warrior I shorts are light, stretchy and sweat-wicking on top of this technology, to ensure you are fully supported and comfortable in your stride. If the cold keeps you in the gym, try the 2Dogs lined shorts which offer maximum mobility for complete freedom of movement. With quick-drying capabilities, these would match perfectly with the Vajra Vest for an indoor running session that stretches you to your limits.

Whether it’s a full marathon or a 5k in your sights, OHMME clothing provides extreme performance with style and comfort to match.

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