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Get Eco In 2018 with OHMME

Evolution is a natural part of life, we all go through change and find ways to improve our lives - so it’s only natural to do the same here at OHMME

The Eco-Warrior II has just got a 2018 update with GREEN DEFENSE Technology.

The compression layer will keep you secure yet moving freely with the confidence of knowing that the performance will help absorb sweat whilst keeping you dry, comfortable and bacteria-free. Having two layers, this means less bulk in your bag!
No need for underwear when you have the compression layer keeping everything tight and right! Making these shorts the one-stop choice for every man. After all, you deserve the best shorts in the world!

The outer layer is composed of eco polyester fabric, manufactured by a bluesign® certified fabric mill, providing environmentally friendly and safe production. To break it down, bluesign® is kind-of what the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) does to sustain the woods, the bluesign® system is our chosen solution for a sustainable textile production. This environmental certification eliminates the negative impact of the manufacturing process on people and the planet.

We use GREEN DEFENSE because it incorporates a build-in antibacterial function to our garments that stop bacterial growth and reduces odors without using harmful chemicals. 

GREEN DEFENCE is a patented, revolutionary, antibacterial technology that integrates natural ingredients such as almond extract or cinnamon waste into polyester, recycled polyester, or nylon chips. Because GREEN DEFENCE is part of the manufacturing process, the material retains its structural and eco-friendly qualities regardless of multiple laundry washes or exposure to bacteria.

Our new Eco-Mayura shorts are not only environmentally conscious, but they are also user conscious. Designed with the bluesign® technology, these shorts are quick drying, extremely stretchy and light.

The ideal pair of shorts that does it all. Perfect for those yoga retreats where you’re jumping in the ocean one second, then jumping on the mat for a restorative flow the next.  The Eco Muyara is the item that every man needs - adaptable and sustainable. Besides, no one likes an overpacked suitcase, and with the Eco-Mayura you can avoid the unnecessary bulk, pack light and be ready to go wherever the adventure may take you. Both Eco-Mayura and Eco-Warrior II have been updated to mirror our mission. To create clothing that is consciously made, with the environment in mind, but with also you in mind.
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