Why I Started OHMME: My Inner Quest On Masculinity

My whole life I had this preconceived idea of what made a man a man. I grew up not practicing any sports, and I did not know how to be comfortable in my body.

At the time, my understanding of masculinity was that I had to be the best at something; competitively the manliest at something. I was terrible at sports and awful in school, so the role I adopted was that of the cunning criminal.

Okay, my crime was selling Lipton Iced Tea from my locker and the occasional kinder Bueno, but this led me to be expelled from my first school. So, aged 15, I was re-rooted, and had the opportunity to re-invent myself. 

This time I would define my masculinity by how well I could wear a suit…

This led me onto a path of wanting to be surrounded by other suits to compare myself to, which led to a profession I was definitely not made for - in a bank. Luckily, a few years before that, I had discovered the practices of yoga and meditation.

I had initially started yoga to become more flexible and fit, but then the whole self-awareness part came through and completely hit me by surprise. It is only after yoga started to make me re-evaluate how to define what makes me a man that I decided to start OHMME. 

At OHMME I want to express a different vision for masculinity. 

One where each of us is given the freedom to discover what being a man means to us individually, untangled from stereotypes and the opinions of others.

This process of opening up to ourselves can be daunting, for sure, it’s not what most of us are used to. But with the support of friends, it’s a lot easier to do so.

We want to bring guys together, in motion. 

To play sports, dance, do magic tricks, laugh, cry: anything which makes guys feel at home in their bodies. 

As a man I have always been told to open up, and I pushed it aside considering it to be feminine. However, I have found that even though I'm opening up, I can still be competitive and strive to be the best version of myself. When I practice competitive sports now, there is a whole new dimension of compassion and respect for my opponent. 

I am still on the very early stages of this journey, but so far it has taken me across the globe on a motorcycle, pushed me to start a business, and brought me to share what I have discovered with others.

So why did I start a clothing company?

I think it's a great way to encourage people to take up a practice, which for me at least was the first step towards self-enquiry. The practice I took up was heavily female dominated and it felt like there was no space for men. Finding appropriate clothing was very hard, and made me feel out of place. So creating a voice for men to join was important. 

Whenever we create anything at OHMME, we have three main pillars in mind.

Style : for me, style is defined by minimising effort in taking effective action. It is an art. Someone who has style glides through situations effortlessly. Their clothing reflects this with good cuts and nothing superfluous. 

Movement : I want to move. Clothes shouldn't hinder movement, they should encourage it. On another level, we want all of our personal movements in this world to encourage mass movement towards a more sustainable future! This means being thoroughly considerate about how we make our clothing. 

Comfort : It fascinates me that people still wear uncomfortable clothing in the 21st Century! How can you become comfortable in your self, if you are not comfortable in those jeans? This also means that all the people at OHMME share our vision and enjoy what they do (ask them!) 

Starting OHMME has been the most passionate, interesting and fulfilling experience of my life.

I wont lie by saying it was all easy and beautiful; honestly, there’ve been times I’ve been thoroughly beaten down.

But by digging deeper, I have managed to create something I truly believe in. Now that OHMME has grown into a supportive team of passionate people, I am positive that we're creating a movement for men to open up to.


Written by: Louis D'Origny

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