We're Going Into The Wilderness!


What're you up to next weekend? No plans? How about pitching a tipi at Wilderness Festival and joining OHMME for some yoga in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside?!

From Thursday 3rd until Sunday 6th August, we're going to be setting up camp in the buzz of it all, and we'd love to have you over for a chat and a handstand or two. Last year, we were wonderfully overwhelmed by your response to our first collection; we covered loads of festival revellers in OHMME - guys AND girls (in fact, the guys couldn't get to our Matsaya Yoga Pants before the ladies had snapped 'em up!). This year we're back with some awesome NEW stuff , as well as all of your old favourites (Mayura Shorts to take you from your yoga mat to the dance floor, then to swimming in the lake? YES PLEASE).

We're also bringing this:


You want to come and put your head in that, right?!

And if you need another reason to park your picnic close to us, here it is: we're bringing the one and only Adam Husler with us, to be your yoga-guru-go-to for the weekend! One of London's most sought-after yoga teachers, Adam will be leading an open-to-all workshop on Sunday morning, exploring the many benefits of yoga for men and women. Book here now to make sure you get a spot. He'll also be hanging out at the OHMME pop-up shop the rest of the weekend to answer any questions, keep the good times rolling and, well, model our great kit!

So, we'll see you there, yeah?

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