Satya & Sustainability: Green Defence

At OHMME, we make clothes to move in.

Often, when we move, we sweat. That's a fact of life, yeah? And whilst sweat itself doesn't smell, it creates the perfect warm, moist environment for bacteria to multiply and those guys can create a stink.

We've discussed (here) how we choose to use some synthetic fibres in our fabrics because they absorb sweat more efficiently and dry more quickly than materials made with cottons and other natural fibres; they also wash more easily and efficiently (smells don't cling) so they stay fresher for longer and you can get more out of 'em (and consume less).

But what about whilst you're wearing them? When we're getting sweaty, how can we stay fresh-smelling?

There's a lot of word on the athleisure street about anti-stink/ anti-sweat/ odor-killing/ anti-bacterial/ anti-microbial fabrics - what does it all mean?! One of the main ways brands are making their clothes anti-stink is by weaving or washing tiny silver nanoparticles into the fabrics, which are believed to kill bacteria and fungi, thus preventing the nasty odours they cause.

While nanosilver – and silver in general – is not particularly toxic to humans, it could be very toxic to aquatic life, as research has shown that if it is extensively used in clothing, it could lead to high concentrations of silver in the sludge from waste water treatment plants. It also poses a threat for plant life - as it gets washed into water systems and leaches into the land when chucked into landfills (yet another reason to up-cycle or donate your old clothes!). 

Honestly, full research into the potential risks of this stuff is lagging behind the commercialisation in the fitness clothing industry; everyone loves a new marketing-boosting fad, eh...


We like our sea and plant -life alive here at OHMME, so we don't want to risk the damage that might be caused.

That's why we're going for GREEN DEFENCE in our clothing.

GREEN DEFENCE's main components are natural materials from cinnamon and almond.
Their natural antibacterial features are used to prevent bacterial growth , with no heavy metal compounds present and no disinfectants added. 
It's a natural, non-toxic, non-leaching alternative that's also non-irritating to the skin

Better still, the almond extracts used for GREEN DEFENCE are a bi-product from the sale of blanched (skinless) almonds - which would otherwise be useless waste.

So, yep, you've (up-cycled, antimicrobial) waste in your pants before you even put them on!

GREEN DEFENCE is really new technology and, as we keep saying, we're doing our best to stay on top of changes in the industry that allow us to explore the most effective and environmentally-friendly  technologies. So you'll see us evolve in this space...

Keep an eye out for our *new and improved* Warrior II and Two-Dogs Shorts - both of which will be lined with GREEN DEFENCE-treated linings... coming soon!

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