Satya & Sustainability: Bluesign

Blue what?

bluesign. (TM)
a.k.a our accountability buddy in sustainability.

We COULD just make a load of average clothes, tell you they've been made ethically, hope you buy into it enough to spend loads of money and fund us buying a big OHMME yacht. Whoop whooooop!

But, funnily enough, we probably wouldn't be happy with that.

Because we care about what we do here at OHMME, and want to do it well - and 'well', for us, means, basically, we're working towards a better version of our world.

That means a world where consumers have the choice to wear high-quality clothes that have been produced with as little negative impact on the environment and possible, by people who have fair working wages and great working environments.

Aligning ourselves with standards set by bluesign Technologies is helping us do that. They're an independent organisation that provides audits of textile mills, gathering and sharing information on the whole production process of the materials we can choose to make your clothes.

In particular, they keep a beady eye on minimising the use of harmful chemicals in textile production - chemicals that damage the environment and create toxic, unsafe working environments for employees.

Each component is assessed based on its ecotoxicological impact and performances are ranked within five key areas of the production process: resource productivity, consumer safety, water emissions, air emissions, and occupational health and safety.

Working in line with bluesign keeps OHMME in the know about areas of concern in the manufacturing world, makes us aware of ways to reduce consumption and alternatives to harmful chemicals or processes where applicable, and assures you guys, our customers, that we're actually putting it all into action with good heart!

As they put it...

the bluesign system guarantees that products carrying the certification label are made exclusively of a combination of components and processes that are harmless to human beings and the environment.

So, you, our eco-aware friends, can feel confident that when you purchase clothing with the bluesign® label you are buying the most environmentally friendly, socially conscious version of this garment.

Check out our bluesign-aligned range right here.

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