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How I prepared to pitch OHMME on Dragons Den by Louis d'Origny

How I prepared to pitch OHMME on Dragons Den by Louis d'Origny

Dragons Den, the high stakes BBC TV program, is a pretty stressful show to present your life’s work on. Just like any other business, OHMME wasn’t built in a day, so I knew I needed to keep composed and take my years of yoga practice into the Den with me!

Before going to film the show I prepared my pitch, I memorised my numbers, and most importantly, I did some sun salutations, a yoga session in the morning, and a handstand in the lift.

Here are my top 5 tips to get through the show alive:

  1. Be calm

    Going to the BBC Dragons Den can be intimidating, and the cameraman knows this, so they’ll take some cuts when you’re most nervous. The best way to relax is to work through some breathing exercises and some tough yoga poses the day of your pitch. Try working through a few sun salutations and some pushups to cool yourself down.
  2. Know your figures

    You’ll be surprised by the number of CEOs and owners that don’t know their numbers and projections. By knowing this, you will be in charge of the conversation and they will listen to you. If you make sure that your figures aren’t wrong, then you won’t be on a playlist on YouTube.
  3. Be honest

    If you know what the issues are in the business and acknowledge them, you control where the line of questioning will revolve. If you try and hide, they will dress you down. It is what Dragons do after all.
  4. Know your way out

    I had not thought about this for very long. I was so consumed with surviving this adventure that I didn’t really consider what I would do if I got offers. Think it through!
  5. Don’t drink too much coffee

    If, like me, you like a coffee, maybe take it easy the day of filming. I had too much, and it showed.

Having OHMME on BBC’s Dragons Den was a really great experience. I got to think about a lot of deeper machinery in the Business than I would usually have to on a day to day basis. Although tough, the Dragons were all very charming and it was exciting to get to meet them!

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