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Premium Sportswear Designed for Men



    Clothing with movement in mind, leveraging technology to minimise the impact on the environment, challenging the rigid views on masculinity with a support network of men.



    We use bluesign® to achieve our ambitious mission statement and help evolve towards a sustainable textile industry. Make a difference and support our sustainable fabrics.



    We use GreenDefence because it incorporates a built-in antibacterial function to our garments that stops bacterial growth and reduces odours without using harmful chemicals.


Men’s Yoga Clothing, Premium Activewear & Fitness Apparel

Workout Pants, Shorts, Tops and Accessories For Men

Here at OHMME, we create great men’s apparel with movement in mind. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, running, jogging, or dancing that you’re exploring, the technical fabrics and fits of our clothes will take you through your practices with comfortable ease and minimal fuss. From flat seams, sleek pockets and soft waistbands, to innovative tailoring and the finest anti-stink fabrics we can source, we have you covered from all angles! What’s more, our deep interest in the health of the planet means you can be sure we’re finding the most innovative, ethical and honest means of producing our clothes.

Born initially out of two friends’ search for better men’s yoga clothing, OHMME is dedicated to making it easier for guys everywhere to move freely, comfortably, and stylishly. We all know how important it is to stay healthy and active, and when the gym is not the only place to do it, why should we have to sport the same old boring fitness gear to our Vinyasa classes? We create functional clothes that can take you comfortably to having dinner out with mates after your practice, or take the surfer straight from the ocean waves to the bar.

OHMME is here to provide a fresh approach to men’s activewear so guys can move comfortably. The modern man is moving beyond the weights room and the treadmill to get curious about all kinds of conscious movement and physical play. Whether it’s to compliment your gym, weightlifting, running or cycling regimes, to clear your mind after a busy day at the office, or explore your soul’s deepest calling in dance, we want to empower men to leave any self-consciousness behind, try something new, and find creative freedom and self-expression, starting with how they use their bodies and minds. It’s our mission to encourage guys to weave their own way past stereotypes of masculinity and traditionally ‘male’ roles.


Yoga is at the heart of what we do - not only do we believe wholly in the physical and mental benefits it can offer men everywhere, its philosophies drive us to create and communicate mindfully. That’s why we’ll always be truthful with you, our community, about our methods of production and the efforts we’re making to be progressive in our promise to work sustainably in protection of our environment. And we won’t throw buzz-words like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘natural’ at you unless we really know they actually apply to what we do!